6 Benefits of a High Protein Diet



High protein foods

Protein is the most vital nutrient when it comes to weight loss and plays a massive part in creating an aesthetically pleasing body.

A diet that consists of high protein, helps to reduce appetite, boosts your metabolism, and fires up weight losing hormones. It’s essential in helping weight loss and retaining your hard-earned muscle.

The hypothalamus is a part of the brain that handles the regulation of your weight. Your brain process several types of information to gauge how much you should eat. Most important are the hormones that signal to the brain to respond to feeding.

1. Protein is essential for weight loss

It acts by suppressing hunger, a reason you will eat fewer calories thereafter. By incorporating high protein foods you will increase satiety. This then triggers hormones to reduce your appetite.

2. Protein makes you feel fuller for longer

Not only does a high protein intake saves calories, it helps you on your weight loss journey by making you feel fuller for longer. A reduction of 200 calories may not sound like much, but over the course of a week, that’s 1400 calories! Proteins slow down digestion leaving you feeling satisfied and unlikely to eat anything else.

3. Protein prevents a spike in blood sugar levels

When proteins are consumed with carbohydrates, it reduces the spike in blood sugar levels. Incorporating protein with carbohydrates in the same meal, help to slows down the rate the carbohydrate turns to sugar. This helps keep your blood sugar levels down and stops those cravings for more carbs.

4. Proteins demand more energy

Ever heard of TEF? TEF is also known as the “thermic effect of food”. Studies show that it takes more energy to digest proteins than it does carbohydrates and fats. So you burn more calories simply by eating more protein over carbs and fats.

5. Proteins stimulate burning of fats

A surprising scientific finding states that your body can not burn and use fat without the aid of proteins or carbohydrates. Losing weight, your body also sheds off fats and muscles, a reason to eat more proteins. When the body has enough protein coming in from food, it stimulates burning fats faster, while at the same time, conserving calories and preventing the loss of muscle.

6. Proteins enhance muscle repair and growth

Eating high-protein foods after intense physical work or a workout session has proven to be beneficial when it comes to building muscle and losing fat. Especially if you are slugging it out in the gym or running a marathon.

Consider eating a high-protein snack after a strength training session. For faster absorption, you can try protein supplement from somewhere like Myprotein. It can benefit the body when consuming protein shake post-workout. This is when your muscles are at the peak of sensitivity and the intake of protein, can help start the repair and growth process.

There you have it, 6 benefits of a high protein diet. Want to know more about protein? Have a read of our 20 facts about protein you probably didn’t know.

6 Benefits of a High Protein Diet
Article Name
6 Benefits of a High Protein Diet
We take a look at 6 reasons why you should consider a high-protein diet.

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