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Myprotein ISO:PRO Overview

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According to Labdoor, Myprotein ISO:PRO is the number one ranked protein supplement on the market. It’s one of richest sources of Whey Isolate protein and each serving contains minimal fat and carbohydrates, making this product the perfect training companion for those who are looking to build muscle, lose fat, or both. It also contains 3g of Leucine, which can be difficult to get from one’s diet alone. The shake is available in 4 tasty flavours too, so there’s one to suit all tastes. It also has a comprehensive amino acid profile that provides all of the essential amino acids so you can keep as much muscle as possible as you train hard. This protein is suitable for all individuals who are looking for a premium, high protein, quality assured supplement to support their training goals and help them to hit their daily macro-nutrient requirements.


You have to be really brave to go for the unflavoured version! Consider purchasing some FlavDrops to go with it

What’s in Myprotein ISO:PRO?

The majority of flavours of Myprotein ISO:PRO contain Whey Protein Isolate (Milk) (96%), Emulsifier (Soy Lecithin), Flavouring, and Sweetener (Sucralose). Some also contain cocoa powder, colouring, emulsifiers and acidity regulators depending on the flavour you choose.

Taste and Texture

With this protein, you don’t get a chalky texture at all, like you do with many proteins. It’s so easy to mix up regardless of your shaker, and you won’t find any lumps in your drink (gag!). The powder dissolves easily. All flavours are delicious, and can even taste like an ice cream milkshake if mixed with a nice ice-cold milk and maybe even a banana. The flavours are as follows:

  • Strawberry
  • Banana
  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Unflavoured

Another great thing about this protein is that there’s no gross aftertaste. All protein aficionados will know about this!

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How To Use Myprotein ISO:PRO

You can take this protein before or after a workout in order to provide a fast, high-quality protein release into the muscle to help stimulate muscle protein synthesis. You can do this one hour before or after training to help with muscle growth and repair. It can also be taken at any time throughout the day for anyone simply looking to increase daily protein consumption.


This protein has over 97% protein content, which is much more than most proteins on the market. Most whey isolate proteins are around 90-95% protein due to the advanced processing. However, Myprotein Iso:Pro tops all of these. It is classed as a very high-grade whey isolate powder.

Due to its great nutritional profile, this protein is also great for those who may be on a calorie controlled diet. It has 24g of protein per 25g of product, and is just 95 calories per serving, with a low fat content for those who may on a low-fat diet.  You will lose fat and gain muscle easily, as It promotes muscle growth and muscle maintenance. Just some of the other benefits of this drink include:

  • The leucine content. To consume 3g of Leucine in your food alone may be impractical, expensive and time-consuming.
  • This protein powder does not require you have a sophisticated protein shaker.
  • Vegetarian and gluten free.
  • It’s easy to mix and easy to drink with no lumps.
  • Can mix with different kinds of milk and flavour drops for a great taste.
  • 4 flavours and an unflavoured option.
  • Just like drinking a milkshake.


There aren’t many cons to this highly rated product. However, there are a few things to consider. The nutritional values of this product may vary depending on the flavour you pick, which isn’t always clearly stated on the packet. This means that you may be consuming a few more carbohydrates than you would like. Although not a serious amount, this could potentially be a problem for competitors or people who are meticulous about hitting their macros. It also tends to cost more than most whey protein powders due to the high-quality content.

Labdoor Grades and Ranking Info

  • Ranked number 1 quality protein out of 78 supplements.
  • Ranked number 3 of 78 by value ranking.
  • A* grade overall.

Although this product can be more expensive than other proteins, thanks to its nutritional value and great macro-nutrient content, it’s great overall value for money.

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If you are trying to add some serious muscle mass to your shape or you want to build lean muscle and lose body fat, then Myprotein ISO:PRO is the ideal protein. It can help to accommodate different fitness and aesthetic goals, with great flavours and a great price. Don’t forget to use a discount code at Myprotein and save some money. This is one of the highest quality proteins on the market, and you won’t regret giving it a try.

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