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We love Myprotein and here are five reasons why

The world of fitness and health is frequently changing and evolving as we learn more about what it takes to achieve our goals, but one thing that remains constant, is the need for high quality supplements such as Myprotein ISO-PRO. Whether you run marathons, lift hundreds of pounds, or work hard to build an aesthetically pleasing body, your protein needs to be excellent quality, easy to absorb, and readily available. Today we’re going to look at five reasons why you should start using the Myprotein range of supplements.

Quality approved supplements

Myprotein products are accredited with ISO 9001 and work painfully hard to get you top quality products at an affordable price. Utilising the latest in HACCP and GMP standards, the company ensure that they stay top of their game and best in their market. With the necessary amino acids and a range of delicious flavours to chose from, it is clear the Myprotein is a top contender in the supplement chain.

Low prices with a price match guarantee

The supplement market can be tricky, and it’s often very hard to find the cheapest products online while retaining the guarantee that you are receiving a quality product. Myprotein makes it easy with their price checker and price match guarantee. They guarantee that any comparable product will not be found cheaper anywhere online, and even give you a price checker tool on the front page of their website.

Catering to Athlete Standards

And if you’re an athlete that competes in sports and various professional leagues, look for their ‘Informed Sport’ range, which guarantees that no banned ingredients have made their way into your supplement. You can be confident that you are consuming an approved supplement, that has been painstakingly tested at every level by the leading anti-doping lab, LGC Sport Science.

Easy-to-use reward points scheme

And if all that hasn’t hooked you already, you need to know about their excellent reward point scheme, that not only rewards you for buying their products but rewards you hugely for recommending new customers. You get 1 point for every pound spent in store, and a point is worth one penny. Once you spend a hundred pounds, you’ll have earned a quid off your next order! This may not sound a lot on its own, but when you mix it with the addition of the points you’ll gain from recommending new customers, you could start to make great savings on your supplementation. You’ll get 5 points for every pound your friend spends on their first order, so you could get 250 points just from your friend spending £50. Bonus! You can also save money by using a Myprotein discount code which will help bring down the cost even more.

Myprotein provide excellent customer care

And just in case you do have any questions, comments, or issues, the customer care team are available seven days a week for your peace of mind. You can contact them directly, track your order, and work through any potential difficulty with ease, and with the help of a friendly and efficient customer service agent.

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