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GoNutrition – £10 off Discount Code when spending £60

GoNutrition offer some of the best supplements at low prices. Saving more money can only be a good thing! Use this code to get £10 off, when you are spending £60 at GoNutrition.... more ››


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GoNutrition – Free Burnmax when spending £45

Fat burning supplements can help increase your metabolic rate and help increase fat loss. If you are spending over £45 that at GoNutrition used code provided to get Burnmax from GoNutrition for free.... more ››


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GoNutrition – January Sale with up to 20% off and £15 casback

Need supplements for 2014? Time to stock up with some great savings to be had from GoNutrition. Get a massive 20% off, plus a massive £15 cash-back to use on your future orders from GoNutrition.... more ››


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GoNutrition – 20% off Volt Pre-Workout

Get 20% off GoNutrition's new pre-workout supplement using this discount code. Add the supplement to your basket and apply the code to qualify for the discount.... more ››


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GoNutrition – 20% off Creatine Monohydrate

Get 20% off Creatine Monohydrate from GoNutrition using this discount code. Simply apply the code at the checkout at more ››


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GoNutrition – 10% Discount Code when spending £50

Save a minimum of £5 using this GoNutrition discount code. Apply at the checkout and 10% will be taken off your final basket value.... more ››


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GoNutrition – 15% Discount Code when spending £100

Save 15% using this GoNutrition discount code. You must spend £100 or over to qualify for the discount. Simply apply to your basket at the checkout and a minimum of a £15 discount will be taken away f... more ››


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Use a GoNutrition discount code and save money

GoNutrition launched only in 2013 and was created by the founder of Myprotein, who went on to sell Myprotein to The Hut retail group. It has already gone on to be a big name in the supplements industry. Buying from GoNutrition using one of our discount codes, allows you to cut out the middle man and ensures that you are not paying any of the extra costs, which is sometimes the case when buying supplements from some retailers.

About GoNutrition

Looking at the GoNutrition range, they seem to have all bases covered for all types of athletes. Available is everything from pre-workouts such as Volt to whey protein blends such as ProBlend or protein isolate supplements like Go Whey Isolate 90.

Whether you need some energy for a workout and need a pre-workout supplement or a post-workout recovery drink like the Go Whey Protein 80, they have many choices to suit everyone. If you require more protein per serving than the Go Whey Protein 80, the Go Whey Isolate 90 may be of interest as it contains as it boasts an impressive 22g of protein per 25g serving and prices for a 1kg bag, in a selection of over 10 flavours and retails at only £21.75. In our opinion, it is one of the best value for money supplements around. On top of that, Fitness Codes offers GoNutrition discount codes and links to special offers to help you save even more money on GoNutrition supplements.

The Best GoNutrition Supplements

We have been weight training for over 5 years and have probably tried and tested over 20 different protein supplements alone, as well as a whole host of other supplements. We feel we are in a great position to have a say on GoNutrition supplements. We have many people asking what are the “Best Supplements”, however, we feel the best supplements are those that are required in your diet. For example, somebody who is feeling lethargic or requiring a little extra energy before weight-training at the gym may require a pre-workout. That is best for them if it means they may lift with more intensity and force muscular growth. However, somebody looking to lose weight may consider something like BurnMax as the best supplement for them, as it may help them reach their muscle-building and weight loss goals quicker.

For those looking for the best recovery drink after heavy resistance exercise, we recommend the Go Whey Isolate 90. This supplement contains an impressive 22g of protein per 25g serving. Ideal for consumption after an exercising session, to provide nutrients to muscle fibres that need repairing after having been damaged through exercise.

How GoNutrition is Helping Against the VAT Increase on Supplements

Some of you may have noticed that in 2012, prices of supplements rose sharply. This was due to the addition of VAT on to all UK supplements. The supplement industry has had to raise its prices to cover costs. Unfortunately, it’s the consumers that have suffered, having to pay another 20% on top of all their required supplements. It’s no doubt that purchasing supplements on a regular basis can be expensive, as well as having to purchase food to help your fitness goals. Luckily for us, supplement retailers like GoNutrition have been offering discount codes and regular deals and promotions, to help keep costs low for the customer.

How to Save Money on GN Supplements

Our first advice to save money on supplements is to ignore everything apart from the ingredients and the nutritional value. Inspect the macro-nutrients and work out which supplement is best.

For example when purchasing an isolate whey protein supplement, look at the amount of protein in 2 supplements and the amount of potential “filler” products;

  • 1) Go Whey Isolate 90 from GoNutrition comes with a scoop that provides a 25g serving, of which 22g is protein.
  • 2) Supplement X comes with a larger scoop which holds 45g of product and with 30g of it being protein.

The ratio of protein-per-serving of these 2 supplements tells us two things. Supplement 1, the Go Whey Isolate 90 will provide you with more protein for your money. There is only 3g left over for other ingredients, therefore reducing the number of unnecessary ingredients. As for Number 2, Supplement X, although it provides 8g more of protein per serving, the scoop size is almost twice as big with its 45g serving. This means 15g of the product are ingredients other than ingredients that are providing your required protein. Usually, these filler products are colourings, flavourings or sugars.

It’s important to note, there may be a difference in price between products, but we believe you should go for the best product at your budget. Doing so will essentially save you money in the long run as you will not need to supplement with more product to get your protein requirements. You can also save money by using the GoNutrition discount codes found on this website. Simply paste the code at the checkout on the GoNutrition website and a discount will be applied to your shopping basket.

Buying in Bulk Helps Save Money

It may be a good idea to keep an eye on all promotions and discount codes offered by a retailer, as it’s a great chance to stock up on all of your required supplements. However, we must stress the importance of checking the Best Before End dates on your selected batch of products. The last thing you want to do is to end up with a stock of supplements past their expiry date. You can ensure your supplements will remain to be in date when it comes to you using them, either by viewing the expiry date of the current batch of products on the supplement retailers website or if they are not listed, you can contact the supplement retailer for exact dates of expiry.

Keep an eye on the GoNutrition clearance section for more offers

Why Use a GoNutrition Discount Code?

We believe that supplements should not be expensive and the tax increase in 2012 in our opinion, was unfair and targeted at the wrong industry. To help people achieve their fitness goals on a budget, we offer GoNutrition discount codes and links to offers on a range of different supplements. The discount codes we provide can be used on the GoNutrition website to reduce money from your total basket order value or provide you with free products.

All discount codes must be applied at the checkout process before payment has been made. Failure to do so will mean the discount may not be applied. A code that has been popular in the past is ‘Free UK delivery on all orders over £10’ and ‘15% off all orders over £100’.

How to Use GoNutrition Voucher

  • Browse the GoNutrition voucher page and find the code you would like to use.
  • Click on the Reveal Code button and your code will now be shown.
  • You will also notice that the GoNutrition website has opened in a new browser window.
  • You can begin adding items to your cart, or if you already have a window open, you can close this newly opened browser window.
  • When checking out, simply write or paste your voucher code into the discount code field at the checkout.
  • Click apply and you should now see some savings have been applied to your basket, or free items depending on the code you entered.

The discount code box at the GoNutrition site is located at the bottom left of the checkout