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PhD Diet Whey Review

What makes PhD Diet Whey so good? Let’s find out

There are a couple of brands I tend to stick with, due to their lack of sales drivel and their big range of supplements. My staple protein supplements have always been either Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard Whey when I’m feeling a bit rich, Myprotein Impact Whey when I want to save some money or PhD Diet Whey when I’m on a cut or just want to look at some beautifully designed packaging. Not to mention enjoy the AMAZING dessert-like taste! This is our hands-on PhD Diet Whey review and we also show readers how to get it for the lowest price possible.

I would say I’ve tried over 20 different supplements throughout my 10 years of on-and-off training. Some of these were some of the stranger supplements that I got from (when they actually have stock of anything I order). You know the ones that contain the “hyper-anabolic strength formula” and the “super-advanced-protein formulation” for when your regular protein just isn’t advanced enough. The first thing that grabs me about PhD Diet Whey is the clean and simple packaging. No big and tacky words like other supplements, maybe apart from the “lean matrix” bit.

PhD Diet Whey

PhD Diet Whey UK

The PhD packaging design may make you think it’s engineered by a scientist, in a lab somewhere in Germany or Switzerland, but actually, PhD Supplements manufacture their products in the UK. One of those products they make is their popular PhD Diet Whey. Reading some of the other PhD Diet Whey reviews online, it seems to rank very highly amongst gym goers.

PhD Diet Whey Reviews Online

Is there a clever marketing team behind it all, or is it really just a cracking supplement?

PhD Diet Whey is like your usual “all-in-one” protein blend but with some added extras. It’s made from whey protein concentrate, micellar casein, and soy protein isolate. One scoop is equal to 25g of powder, which means the 1kg size contains 40 servings and the 2kg size contains 80 servings. The powder is a little bit grainy due to the flaxseed that is added.

PhD Diet Whey Powder

The added extras

As it provides you with protein from three different sources, you get the benefits of three different digestion rates. The extras in the formula are CLA (conjugated-linoleic-acid), flaxseed, green tea extract, L-carnitine and waxy barley flour. Some of these are very strongly backed by scientific research to help lose body fat, others such as CLA have inconsistent studies.

The first time I heard the benefits of flaxseed, was from watching the old school bodybuilder “Scooby” on YouTube. Having got hold of some flaxseed oil shortly after, it wasn’t a taste I was going to acquire anytime soon. Luckily you can’t taste the flaxseed found in PhD Diet Whey.

It also contains essential branched chain amino acids or “BCAAs” that occur naturally, which are L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine. Studies on BCAAs show they can aid fat loss and increase strength, when supplemented along with a strength training programme.

Taste and mixability

Did I mention the amazing taste? The Belgian chocolate flavour is unreal! Even with water, you will want to slam it down. Mix it with milk and it becomes a protein-packed, nutritionally-supercharged Frijj. If you’re looking to lose weight and have a sweet tooth, this will definitely hit the spot, while eating away at only 91 of your precious calories.

As well the standard chocolate flavour, it’s also available in chocolate orange for Terry’s orange fans, vanilla crème (posh French word from cream I think), strawberry delight and white chocolate for all of the milky bar kids out there.

Keep in mind that as flaxseed doesn’t dissolve, it can be a little grainy once mixed. As it’s quite a thick supplement, I add more water than the recommended amount of 350ml. In fact I add 1 scoop to just under 600ml of water. I also like to mix it in my Breville Blend Active, which is one of my favourite and most used gadgets and is currently priced at the bargain price of £19 at Amazon. It makes light work out of blending this and can even crush ice! Using a standard bottle mixer is fine too, it just needs a few more shakes than other protein supplements.

PhD Diet Whey Shake in Blender

Is PhD Diet Whey effective?

The 2kg size probably lasts me about 6 weeks, so plenty of time to feel the effects. At just 91 calories with 17g of protein per serving and just 3g of carbs, it’s an ideal product for those looking to lose some body fat. Of course, you can still take it if you’re looking to add weight, just make sure you are in a caloric surplus.

While taking PhD Diet whey, I definitely feel like I have a lot more energy during training sessions. The manufacturer states it can be used throughout the day but I like to use it as a meal replacement, usually first thing in the morning and then train around an hour later. If I am in for a particularly intense or long session, I chuck in a banana and blend. Bear in mind, due to the thickness you will need a lot more water.

Final words

That’s the end of our PhD Diet Whey review. This is a great protein supplement, which features some tried-and-tested ingredients. If you’re somebody who gets bored with the taste of protein shakes, this is the one you probably you want, as it really does taste a lot better than some of the others. A very versatile low-calorie supplement and ideal for those on a diet.

Where to buy PhD Diet Whey

As it’s such a popular supplement, you can buy PhD Diet Whey in the UK from a few different places. We’ve done some research and helped find it at the lowest price for FitnessCodes readers. You can choose to order direct from PhD Supplements, but keep in mind this is only a good deal if you use one of our exclusive PhD Supplements discount codes, which gives you either 25% off or £10 off your order. Otherwise, if you are buying just one, you can currently find it cheapest at Amazon UK or eBay. Use the buttons below to see the current lowest prices.

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