PhD Growth Factor Mass Review

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PhD Growth Factor Mass Review

We review the heavyweight PhD Growth Factor Mass

There are many different all-in-one supplements out there, including Maximuscle Cyclone, PhD Synergy ISO-7, Mutant Mass, Myprotein Hurricane amongst hundreds of others. However, we have rarely found a true all-in-one supplement like PhD Nutrition Growth Factor Mass. The Synergy ISO-7 comes close, but as this is a weight-gainer supplement, it is perfect for those looking to add some extra calories to their diets.

What is in PhD Growth Factor?

It is the first supplement to our knowledge, that contains such an effective mixture of supplements. It includes Zinc and D-Aspartic Acid, which have both been proven to promote a good testosterone level, which is vital for building muscle. It contains Luecine which can aid with adding muscle mass. It also contains HMB which some say can help burn fat, however we are not too sure about this one. It also contains Glutamine which we find speeds up our recovery times. Most noticeably it contains two types of Creatine, which are Creatine Monohydrate and Creatine Gluconate. Great for giving you endurance and helping you to squeeze out those last few reps. Vitamin B6 and Taurine are also added to the supplement.

Growth Factor Ingredients

As well as all this impressive selection of supplements, it contains a blend of protein that provides 56g of protein per 150g serving. The blend is made from various sources including Whey, Milk, Soya and Wheat. The carbohydrates found in PhD Growth Factor Mass come from Oats and various types of sugars including Maltodextrin, Dextrose and Fructose. The recommended serving of 100g or 2 scoops contains 370 calories, of which include 37.7g of protein and 51.3g of carbohydrates.

Taste and Texture

The taste and texture is not quite as good as PhD Pharma Whey or Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass, as the consistency is a bit grainier, however anyone who likes chocolate flavoured shakes, will still enjoy this. If it’s solely the taste you’re after in a supplement, maybe go for McDonald’s milkshake instead.

Growth Factor results

Using Growth Factor we noticed instantly quicker recovery times. This we believe was down to the Creatine and Glutamine. Coming from just a normal Whey protein Isolate, within a week of using Growth Factor we felt a strength increase and broke a few personal bests. Extremely impressive for just the first week of taking Growth Factor!

Final words about PhD Growth Factor Mass

It is a supplement that definitely contains the correct mix of ingredients. It is a true all one supplement, without the need to add anything extra, apart from multi-vitamins and fish-oils. The only downside of this product, is that a serving is only 370 calories. We feel this may not be enough for most people and therefore adding milk or any healthy fats such as cashew or almond butter to your shake, will help get a few more calories if you require them. However, the plus point of having 370 calories per 100g serving of Growth Factor, is that you can get your extra calories from food.

We give PhD Growth Factor Mass a massive 9.5/10!

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